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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where to store Raptor Deck?

Raptor Deck can be stored anywhere within a comfortable room temp range. If parts, or sheets are stored rolled, make sure they are wrapped up with the paper side out. This will keep the backing paper from buckling, or jumping off the critical 3M PSA adhesive.

UV Stability?

Raptor Deck by composition is extremely UV stable. We have worked hard on the formula, and periodically test our products off-site in an advanced weather testing facility. Furthermore, we use premium dyes and UV inhibitors to prevent excessive fading.

Heat Buildup?

Like all soft EVA or PE foam materials, excessive heat can cause shrinkage at temperatures over 180F. Trouble spots can be the corners of enclosed deep cockpits where multiple fiberglass surfaces can reflect and amplify light. Avoid solid black, and stick with lighter grays, and lighter colors in hot climates.

Chaff and General Durability?

We know how much you love playing with sharp objects, but Raptor Foam has a tendency to dislike them. Try your best.

How to clean Raptor Foam?

Raptor Deck is closed-cell and very chemically inert. It can be cleaned with many household and marine cleaners. A stiff scrub brush, and some soap is all that is needed. It is possible to use bleach, if diluted. For rust stains, vinegar can work. Power-washing is a risk to edge bond.

What is a Normal Turn Around Time?

Production kits are typically built and shipped within 1-2 weeks from order, sometimes faster. Custom kits take from 2-6 weeks depending on complexity. For special orders that require faster production times, we offer expedited services for a fee.

Can You Do Custom Logos?

Absolutely! Send us your graphic, preferably in a vector format. We can also work from a sketch, or picture, but prices will increase to cover added setup time. A typical medium sized logo will run between 100-200 USD depending on size and complexity.


Does Raptor ship outside of the US?

Raptor ships worldwide weekly with UPS, FedEx, and DHL. We speak a little Google Translate, so feel free to give us a shout.

How long will it take to ship?

USA shipments are generally dispatched by UPS ground. You can bank on around one week in transit. International shipments typically take 7-10 days, so plan accordingly. If you would like to pay to have your kit shipped faster, let us know and we will work up a solution for you.

I've patterned my own boat, where do I send my pattern to?

Raptor Deck
6317 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle WA, 98107

ph: +1 (707) 278-6749


How does payment work?

Production kits can be purchased from our shopping cart using our automated payment services online. For larger custom kits, we require a 50% deposit to start the process, and collect the balance to release your shipment. For products not sold through the shopping cart interface, we can email you an invoice to click and pay online.

Acceptable forms of payment?

Visa, Master Card, AMEX, check, and wire transfer.


Basic patterning procedure?

For a successful experience, start with a clean boat.  Rough out pieces of mylar film and tape then atop the areas you want to pattern.  It’s important for the patterning film to lie flat, so make sure to cut holes to relieve tension for any bumpy features, such as snaps,  or hasps. You can do this by cutting around the object, or taping pieces of film together with double-sided tape.  When using multiple pieces of mylar, put true-up marks for reassemble, should panels separate during shipment.  Please draw an arrow pointing at the bow on each panel, while also listing your name, contact info, and boat year and type. For more information on how to pattern, take a look at our detailed video here.

Where can I get patterning material?

The material we use to pattern is a Polyester film that can be purchased at any local art or craft store. The best pens to use are fine-point Shapies.  We also sell a complete patterning kit which includes all materials needed for patterning.


How do I prepare surface prior to installation?

Wash the decks with basic soap to remove all salt and debris. For more stubborn residue you can use acetone, however it’s a good idea to follow that with denatured alcohol which leaves no solids upon evaporation. If the boat is already clean, and the surface is in good shape, use Windex to do a light sweep for any small particles. The 3M adhesive backer is quite aggressive, our product will stick well to FRP as well as Aluminum surfaces.

Is there a recommended room temp to install?

The initial tack is best at 50F (10C) or warmer. Longterm adhesion isn’t a problem in the cold, but installation can be challenging.  It’s a good idea to keep the pads warm in the car, or somewhere room temp for a while and grab them just prior to individual install.

Basic installation procedure?

Dry fit the pads and make a couple marks with a pencil for true-up. Flip the pad over and gently slice the backing paper down the middle with a sharp razor.  Be careful to slice only the backing paper, and not the Raptor pad.  Peel back the paper on one side, exposing around a 1”(2.5cm) band of adhesive. Place the pad in position filling your markings, and press the exposed stripe of adhesive down onto the deck.  After checking alignment, if everything looks ok, proceed to peel the backing paper from center out and smooth the pad down in a sweeping motion. As a last step, after you’ve worked any air out from under the bulk of the part, press the pad perimeters down aggressively with your thumb to best seal the edge. The glue bond improves for 24 hours. If possible, plan on letting your boat sit for one day before hitting the water. For a step by step process, check out our detailed video here.

Returns & Other Issues

What is Raptor’s return policy?

We are dedicated to giving our customers an excellent, long-lasting product.

Generally, Raptor welcomes returns for un-dammaged flatstock, tapes, and steps. For production kits, our normal procedure is to email clients a proof in the form of a .pdf technical file, or to provide an illustration through our online store. Be sure to check the drawings and corresponding information carefully before giving us the green light to start production. If the parts you receive doesn’t match the agreed proof, we make things right.

How to contact customer service?

We can be reached Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm at 707-278-6749 or  As the phone lines get quite busy, our preferred method of communication, and your best shot at a quick response, is via email.