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Raptor Deck

Soft Traction Solutions

The first official Raptor non-skid boat kit was installed on a Melges 24 sport sailboat leading up to the World Championship in 2011. That original cockpit kit initiated a dramatic and swift shift in the way sailors around the globe approached non-skid. Within only a couple years a significant number of sportboat teams had ditched factory non-skid, and skateboard grip-tape options, rather turning toward Raptor for significantly better grip and comfort. From that original foundation Raptor use grew quickly into motor yachts, fishing vessels, commercial ships, and pleasure craft.

With a large and ever expanding library of complete deck kits and a portfolio of supporting products, Raptor is widely considered a leader in marine traction.

“As experts in marine traction, our vision at Raptor was always to provide a product with unmatched grip, comfort and durability. As we continue forward, our challenge now is to manage growth, while not losing sight of the personalized service for which we have become known.”

– Dan Kaseler