Now stocking Harken Marine Grip

By December 16, 2021News

Raptor is very pleased to be stocking rolls of Harken Marine Grip in gray, white, and black for the 2022 season. Harken Marine Grip is thin, and non-abrasive. It was originally formulated by a surfer to mimic the sticking properties of surf wax. Working from our existing boat files, and from new patterns, we are CNC cutting non-skid parts out of this rubberized option.

While it is not cushioned like Raptor Deck, the friction coefficient is truly exceptional, and it can handle a great deal of abrasion. We see it as a game changer in the Aluminum boat market, and something special for commercial work boats as well.

Give us a shout to find out how we can create custom parts for your need, whether it’s a foot push, some steps, or full deck coverage.

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